< This website showcases some of our games we made with the Sphero SPRK+ >

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zombie tag game

Zombie tag game

A fun infection game with a technology twist

sphero passing game

Sphero passing game

A creative game of luck


Sphero MAZE

an exciting maze challenge

All these games made by one robot: The Sphero SPRK+!

Look down for more information on this cool little robot

  • code it

    This amazing robot can be coded so it could be used to make games

  • Control from a PC or a mobile device

    Download the app lightning labs on your mobile device or PC

  • Built in coding lessons

    Lessons on how to use it can help make amazing games to share

  • Make the device talk

    Randomly saying that one of the features of this robot is that it can talk when you want it too. Great for games

  • Share the robot and spread the love

    Also share the projects you made and see all the favourites

  • Race it

    You can also drive it manually so you can race your friends

Get the sphero and have some fun

Go click the buy Sphero button and enjoy it!